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clutch bag
this is my mom’s small purse or maybe should I call it a clutch? Made from red fabric with a beautiful embroidery
clutch bag
Because it was my mom’s clutch so this is an antique one, maybe it was 40 years ago since my mom bought it. But it’s still fashionable for now days.
clutch bag
the detail of embroidery



I was a fan of Monet, a famous brand for beautiful earring and I collected it since I was teen, but I didn’t want to use it anymore since I became older.

But I still keep it in my jewelry box, and now when I look in to my Monet, sometimes I wonder, why I could use these big earring at that time.


I found these beautiful beads necklace combined with little shell with round shell pendant for just under 100 k (IDR)

64 k (IDR)

Blue beads combine with a little shells necklace with round shell pendant

Pearl Shell Pendant
49 k (IDR)

Simple leather necklace with round pearl shell pendant combine with silver