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Although Malaysian have patented “batik” as their own but still Indonesian batik is the best, its pattern has so much symbolism in traditional Indonesian culture, yes Malaysian could have the patent but if we are talking about “batik” it’s must be “Indonesian the original batik”.


These are antique batiks, which were made from cotton, or in traditional batik it’s call primisima or kain mori, not like batik we known now day, which most of batiks made from silk or another material.


In the Kraton, or Javanese court, batik was one of the six priyayi, “high arts” studied by the cultured Javanese gentry. Batik, along with music and dance, was considered to be a way to develop spiritual discipline.


The canting is the most important tool of the Batik in making batik. The canting is a small, thin-walled, spouted, copper vessel which resembles the bowl of a pipe. The implement is filled with molten wax and held like a stylus. The batik artist draws designs on a length of cloth using the wax that flows from the canting’s tiny, downward-curving spouts. The number of spouts, their widths and endings, can be varied to achieve different effects with great precision. For fine detailed work a canting with a spout about one millimeter in diameter is used. A wider spout is used to fill in larger design areas.


And it’s has fauna motif, these “handmade batik” are expensive, because all motif and pattern is write down in batik by hand only.